Monday, July 2, 2012

Temple #4 Raleigh NC

This temple reminded me so much of South Carolina's, although, upon arrival, the car's thermometer read 108 degrees! As we walked in, and waited in the foyer. The older couples waiting in the foyer started to talk to us, and I told them my story and goal as we discussed different temples. They were the sweetest people ever. That day I was baptized for some very close people to my family. The man who baptized me went to high school with Vai Sikahema. Also the stake president who was attending was the only member in his family, and the youth had oppritunities to be baptized for his ancestors in Italy. You could tell how earnest he was to see them come out of the water. It was such a beautiful experience, and the temple was such a warm and perfect place.

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  1. Skye - this is the most awesome goal ever! I'm so excited for you!! When you make it to Texas, let me know - I would love to meet you at the Houston Temple! :)