Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Temple #3 Manhattan,NY

This temple was a totally different kind ! First of all seeing Angel Moroni from the sides of all the reflective skyscrapers is magnificent. We walked in, and, as always, met the sweetest little temple lady ever! It was so gorgeous inside and has such great curb appeal. As I walked in and saw the font, the spirit just washed over me. Definately a new favorite !

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  1. Thanks so much for doing this Skye. It's been a blessing to watch you grow and wait and finally realize your goal of baptisim. This was so fun to look through. Reminded me of my favorite temples. Washington D.C. my first temple visit when I was 15. L.A. where I was endowed before my mission. Provo where I was able to attend while in the MTC. Oakland, where as a missionary we got the rare opportunity to visit while waiting for visas. Manti because it is the most unique for me inside and out. Nauvoo for a special spirit that is there. Las Vegas where I was sealed to Merle. Thanks so much for sharing and proud of you!