Monday, September 17, 2012

Temple #12 Oklahoma City

OKLAHOMA! This temple was so cool! It reminded me a lot of Columbia and Raleigh but the people here were so cool. Also as we got there it was foggy and about 60 degrees, and as I walked in the temple, I felt a huge warmth fill my body that I know is from the spirit. I just wanted to take this post to thank my mom for being there for me, and helping me fulfill this dream! I love the spirit I feel when I go to the temple, and I hope this adventure helps inspire people to go and do the Lord's work.

Temple # 8,9,10, and 11 Provo, Jordan River, Oquirrh and Salt Lake !

Haha ! These are really late, but there's been a lot of trips lately! Especially my trip to Utah. I was so blessed to be surrounded with houses of the lord and happy to have the opportunity to visit 4! The Provo temple was beautiful. I went around sunset and the stunning rays enveloped the spires. It was about 5 minutes away from my dorm, and made me so happy ! Imagine all the times I can go there ! Also in Utah, to get baptized in the temple, you can go in anytime from 5-8. I was in and out in 15 minutes! It was so cool being at my future temple.

Then I visited the Oquirrh Mountain and Jordan River Temples! They were about 5 minutes apart but really different. They both gave a really cool spirit and a sense of sanctuary. I felt completely happy and at peace.

Last but certainly not least is the Salt Lake City Temple! WOW! Okay I always thought that people made such a huge deal about it, but when you see the specific workmanship put into each doorknob, or chandelier, it brings you back to the sacrifices that people made to make that beautiful temple! Also I got to go through it with one of my closest friends, Rachel. It was truly breathtaking and left me with a spiritual high all day.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Temple #7 Palmyra, NY

WOW! The Palmyra Temple reminds me of a scripture in Job 3:19; ...The small and great are there...
This temple had such a beautiful spirit, mostly because of it's location. Minutes away from the sacred grove, the inside had detailed stain glass windows of trees. The coolest part was that in the font, when I looked up there was a stain glass window above the font, and it looks as if Joseph Smith was looking to heaven from the sacred grove; with overlapping tree branches. It was such a beautiful experience. Also the temple president was the sweetest old man, and as we were leaving he called to me and asked me to wait for a moment. He brought me the new picture of their temple, and remarked about how the clear blue sky reminded him of me. "A sky for a Skye.", he said.

Here is a link to the Temple information, truly a beautiful story!

Boston Temple #6

Honestly one of the most breath-taking temples yet. It was sunny, warm and the temple was shining! We were there a little early, but after the baptisms,  I spoke to one of the temple matrons, and a young women president. The temple matron had a similar situation to my mother and how it affected her children. She told me about how much they struggled and some of them ended up leaving the church. I feel extremely blessed to have the faith that I have that keeps me grounded in life.The one truly inspiration thing was the young women president. Lately I have been really trying to seek all of my answers in the scriptures as well as prayer. The sister, with tears in her eyes, approached me and asked how she could get her young women to love the scriptures as I do. It was such a gratifying thing to hear, because of the long hours that I have spent searching for answers. It truly made me appreciate the tenacity God has given me for the scriptures.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Temple #5 Atlanta GA

This temple was BY FAR my favorite. It is so beautiful and picturesque. We went in, and the spirit was just crazy. The sun was shining all over the stain glass. The people in the temple were soo sweet, and the men who were confirming me really had the proper authority. It was so inspiring and a light of my day. This temple was bigger, but as each temple, has it's own unique spirit and light. The man that baptized me was from Delaware, and was so so strong in the gospel. Every temple strengthens my testimony more and more. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Temple #4 Raleigh NC

This temple reminded me so much of South Carolina's, although, upon arrival, the car's thermometer read 108 degrees! As we walked in, and waited in the foyer. The older couples waiting in the foyer started to talk to us, and I told them my story and goal as we discussed different temples. They were the sweetest people ever. That day I was baptized for some very close people to my family. The man who baptized me went to high school with Vai Sikahema. Also the stake president who was attending was the only member in his family, and the youth had oppritunities to be baptized for his ancestors in Italy. You could tell how earnest he was to see them come out of the water. It was such a beautiful experience, and the temple was such a warm and perfect place.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Temple #3 Manhattan,NY

This temple was a totally different kind ! First of all seeing Angel Moroni from the sides of all the reflective skyscrapers is magnificent. We walked in, and, as always, met the sweetest little temple lady ever! It was so gorgeous inside and has such great curb appeal. As I walked in and saw the font, the spirit just washed over me. Definately a new favorite !