Saturday, August 11, 2012

Temple #7 Palmyra, NY

WOW! The Palmyra Temple reminds me of a scripture in Job 3:19; ...The small and great are there...
This temple had such a beautiful spirit, mostly because of it's location. Minutes away from the sacred grove, the inside had detailed stain glass windows of trees. The coolest part was that in the font, when I looked up there was a stain glass window above the font, and it looks as if Joseph Smith was looking to heaven from the sacred grove; with overlapping tree branches. It was such a beautiful experience. Also the temple president was the sweetest old man, and as we were leaving he called to me and asked me to wait for a moment. He brought me the new picture of their temple, and remarked about how the clear blue sky reminded him of me. "A sky for a Skye.", he said.

Here is a link to the Temple information, truly a beautiful story!

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