Saturday, August 11, 2012

Boston Temple #6

Honestly one of the most breath-taking temples yet. It was sunny, warm and the temple was shining! We were there a little early, but after the baptisms,  I spoke to one of the temple matrons, and a young women president. The temple matron had a similar situation to my mother and how it affected her children. She told me about how much they struggled and some of them ended up leaving the church. I feel extremely blessed to have the faith that I have that keeps me grounded in life.The one truly inspiration thing was the young women president. Lately I have been really trying to seek all of my answers in the scriptures as well as prayer. The sister, with tears in her eyes, approached me and asked how she could get her young women to love the scriptures as I do. It was such a gratifying thing to hear, because of the long hours that I have spent searching for answers. It truly made me appreciate the tenacity God has given me for the scriptures.

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