Sunday, June 24, 2012

Temple #2 Columbia, South Carolina

That afternoon, my mother and I decided upon this mission. We ventured to the Columbia Temple and were running a little late. (In the pictures are my niece and nephew) We walked in and were greeted by a woman dressed in all white. "We were waiting for you! I'm so glad that you made it." She cheerily said. We changed quickly just in time for the last young man to exit the water. My mother was baptized first, and as she exited the water, I could see a smile plastered across her face. Dripping with water, she watched as I entered the font. As I was finishing the temple worker said to me, "Do you know anybody from France?" A little stunned by the question, I said no. "These people will know you by name when you cross over the veil. They will bow at your feet because you have saved them. Just as you know the name of the man who baptized you, they will come to you and know you by name." This old man's words made me smile even as I write now.

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